Office: H-8200 Veszprém, Radnóti tér 1. fszt.103
/Phone, fax: +36 88 610 428/Mobile: +36 30 366 3007 +36 30 162 2110

Social mission statement

The company`s social mission would not be possible without the orders placed by its long-term partners requesting the services of A1-Sped Kft. We would like to thank them for these orders, since this is what makes it possible for us to support human aid agencies, associations and foundations.
As part of our mission, the company does NOT hand out ASSISTANCE FOR OPERATIVE PURPOSES, but SPECIFIC SUBSIDIES, for specific projects, which are really implemented.
The company is in contact with several humanitarian aid gencies.
We are primarily a professional partner and supporter of the CATHOLIC CARITAS and the CARITAS OF THE ARCHDIOCESE OF VESZPRÉM, thereby assisting their devoted work.   
The company participates in transporting the donations collected by the German CSILLA VON BOESELAGER STIFTUNG OSTEUROPE HILFE EV. humanitarian aid organisation to Hungary and to the Hungarian settlements of Serbia and Romania and in the organiation of the relief supplies.