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Quality policy

Quality policy - ISO – Certifications
In order to preserve the successful, economically productive operation of A1-SPED Kft., and to retain its market position, it is essential that the quality of the company`s services meets the requirements determined and expected by its clients at all times.
Consequently, the company wishes to introduce and operate a quality-insurance system that guarantees the constant, impeccable quality of its services.
The company`s work is based on the aspiration to fully meet its clients`requirements and to establish long-term relationships of trust with all its suppliers that can identify themselves with the quality objectives of the company.
The company management considers the professional development and the maintenance of safe working opportunities of its employees as essential, thereby enhancing their belief in the company and as well as in their future.
We expect all our employees to contribute to the company`s success through their personal knowledge and responsibility.
In order to achieve this, an efficient quality-assurance system meeting the requirements of the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2008 standard was implemented in August 2014.
The audit performed in August 2017 found that the operation of the company`s management system meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015  standard.
By performing our activities based on these principles and the practices resulting from these principles, we hope that as many clients as possible will become permanent partners of A1-SPED Kft., since we have a common road!
Quality policy - ISO - Certifications

On 8 November 2016, the company received the Certification Digitally Up-to-Date Company ("DIGITÁLISAN FELKÉSZÜLT VÁLLALKOZÁS”) in the framework of the Program for Modern Enterprises ("A MODERN VÁLLALKOZÁSOK PROGRAMJA").
The company sees this certification as proof for the fact that the company can – to the extent made possible by its circumstances – keep up with the IT, digital expectations of our age.